For Julie Basulto:

We were terribly concerned for our teenage daughter’s mental well-being and safety as a result of the pandemic isolation and the pressures and stressors of middle school life that were causing her depression and anxiety. But Julie gave her tools and strategies to help her cope with her emotions and regain control and fun in her life. A world of difference!

Sam, Client of Julie Basulto

Honestly, she saved my life. I went to see her with major anxiety/depression that was taking over every part of my life. My day to day was a big blur of just anxious thoughts/feeling until I started seeing Julie. She taught me skills I needed to get back to a new normal and deal with all my feelings/ emotions in a healthy productive way. 

Anonymous, Client of Julie Basulto

Therapy was helpful for me by talking with someone other than friends about issues that I was having. Although most of the issues I was, and to extent still, dealing with I already understood why and things to practice being better mentally, it was helpful to talk through them with someone that would listen and probe other questions.

I started therapy because I was dealing with personal situations and it was too overwhelming for my brain to take care of it by just letting it go. I have read many self help books, I consider myself an educated person, so I analyze a lot of my thoughts already and knew a lot of strategies or reasons why I was thinking or reacting in certain ways. I was mentally exhausted to fight anymore and I wanted to see if there was any other advice or ways to slow my brain and second guessing down.

  I am glad that I had Julie as my therapist because it was important and felt reassuring that someone cared for my well being because every week she remembered where we left off and also remembered many things that I told her to be able to connect stories or thoughts together. She might not have had the answers, or was able to tell me what to do, but I always felt the sense that she cared and wanted to guide me to let my emotions and thoughts out.

Jeff, Client of Julie Basulto

Almost two years ago I went through an incident which put me into a world of overwhelming anxiety. After a few months of feeling that way, I spoke to a family member who referred me to Julie. I initially hesitated and wrestled with the thought of beginning therapy, as I had never felt like I needed to seek help. However, I finally decided to make an appointment and I am forever thankful I did. Julie has helped me realize it wasn’t just that one incident, but instead, several factors throughout my life that contributed to the anxiety I was feeling. I’ve always had trouble expressing my emotions. She has helped me understand and express myself and my feelings in a much better way. Overall, I feel like a completely different person than I did when I started. Therapy with Julie has been life-changing. Julie is an incredible therapist- she is caring, respectful, and incredibly helpful. I highly recommend her! 

Anonymous, Client of Julie Basulto

Thanks to you, I was able to focus on the things I wanted in life and move on from my trauma to graduate from university and begin my Master’s studies in the psychology field. I’d be lying if the positive experience I had with you and Kristi House didn’t come into play when I was deciding a career path. Thank you for everything you do. It helps so many out there. If I become half the person you are as a therapist, I’d be beyond lucky.

Anonymous, Client of Julie Basulto

For Cedrin Vera:

Most of my life, I lived with my head upside down. But when you came and helped me, I felt like my whole world changed. Thank you for your help. Because of you guys, I faced my fears and my life feels a lot safer.

Anonymous, Client of Cedrin Vera