Dr. Diaz is a highly competent and ethical psychologist.

"She has amazing clinical skills as well as a level of professionalism that is rather unique today. Although I have been in the field for over 25 years, there are only a handful of therapists that I would trust enough to work with my own children. Dr. Diaz is one of them. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a therapist, psychologist and clinical supervisor for interns.”
Dr. Toni DiDona

Dr. Tania Diaz is an excellent professor and Psychologist

She embodies what all professionals seek, intellectual capacity beyond the standard, professional presentation at all times, and leadership capacity that extends well beyond her doctoral degree. A worthy asset to any institution that she provides services for.”
Leo D.

Dr. Diaz was my professor

at Carlos Albizu University, Miami Campus and she was also my Advisor in the Mental Health program. She is a unique person who is warm, caring and serious about her students’ progress. I can speak on that personally because she was there for me in a very troubling time of my life while in school and Dr. Diaz intervened despite my resistance I understood why, because she cared for my well-being. There are not many people that will go that distance for a student or another and for that I am grateful. Thank you Dr. Diaz for helping me to become the therapist and person that I am today. I recommend you without reservation to anyone and hope we will always be connected.
Ms. Thelma Long, LMHC
Margarita R.

I was not sure if to give therapy another try; I did not have allot of luck on other occasions.

"After my first session with Dr. Diaz I knew I had made the right decision. Thank you Dr. Diaz and God bless you."

Dr. Diaz is amazing.

“Coming here is like getting a mental massage”
Luis G.

Dr. Diaz’s ability to adapt and approach different situations is second to none.

"Her keen observations, intuitions, and moral standards set her apart from the crowd and in front of the line."
Dr. Nestor St. Charles

Client centered, and flexible

“Tania is a highly motivated and skilled professional with comprehensive knowledge in counseling. Her therapeutic style is empathic, client centered, and flexible. She places a strong emphasis on developing a good working alliance with the client to prevent premature dropout and as a vehicle for promoting therapeutic change.”

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