The Center is committed to providing quality care and specialized attention to your individual needs. We ensure comfortable testing and consultation conditions in a relaxed and friendly environment that will ensure your experience to be pleasant as well as educational. The Center prides itslf in cultivating an environment of support, education, and guidance from you fist encounter till the completion of your personal journey.

Our clinicians are trained professionals, in diverse areas, whom will teach you techniques and strategies on how to manage daily stressors, employ effective problem solving skills, and arrive at a solution. Each member of our team has an area of specialization such as Emotional Freedom Techniques, Play Therapy, Behavior Modification, Marriage and Family, and Psychological Assessment.



We look forward to helping you improve the quality of your experiences and assist you in arriving at your personal truth. Comprehensive Assessment Center is a place that inspires confidence and trust where you and your family are given individualized attention and quality care to guide you through life’s sudden changes.